Word Planet Church also known as prevailing life Christian Center is a church (Ministry) whose Curriculum revolves around excellence both spiritual, physical and circular her objectivity is to make lives comfortable.

Our Vision is to Raise and Build a People with productivity, Jeremiah 29:11 drive, and making lives comfortable. How: Through the teachings and preaching’s of the word of life. 1 John 1:1. The Bedrock of our Message is to bring comfort and productivity to life.

Our primary function is to eradicate ignorance, rudimentary traditions of men and creating excellence in every home.

Our focus are lost souls, such as drug addicts, area boys and girls, thieves, prostitutes, demon possessed, less privileged etcetera.

This is an arm of the ministry that takes care of the less privileged, widow’s orphans within and outside the church. We feed and clothe.

For any ministry to excel is this age of information, there is need for the maintenance such as: The Church building, musical equipments, and computer system etcetera.

Our Responsibility is to teach and preach the undiluted word if God and motivate the people to fulfill their God given drams and vision.
Nothing works without the right people. If the twelve can turn their world upside down, working with the right team will make a great impact. It’s neither by power, nor by might but by my spirit says the lord.

Church Programmes
Days of Week Programme Time Venue
Sundays The Over-Plus 8: 00 am – 11: 15 am Church Auditorium
Tuesdays Word Exposition 6: 00 pm – 8:00 pm Church Auditorium
Wednesdays Fasting and Prayer Meetings 6: 00 pm – 7: 00pm Church Auditorium
Fridays Word Explosion 6: 00 pm – 8:00 pm Church Auditorium
Saturdays Evangelism and Visitation 4: 00pm Church Auditorium
3rd Fridays Power Night of Deliverance 11: 00 pm till Church Auditorium
Last Sundays Night of Wealth 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Church Auditorium


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